K5PA at Leander, Texas, USA  Grid: EM10bn

We Live in Central Texas, 20 Miles NW of Austin

We call it the Transitional Country

Population Approaching 50,000, First Settled - 1845, Established - 1882

General Interest

    The Irony of it All New   

    The Ham Shack, circa 2015-2017 New   

    The Ham Shack, circa 2010

    The History of My Ham Stations Updated

    My Visit to the London Olympic Special Event Station, 2 O 12L

    Station QSL Cards, Pertinent Information & Operating Awards Updated

    Favorite Webs, Blogs, Sofware, Mult-mode, etc.

    Bicycle Mobile (IC-703+ w/Remote Head) ( Download PDF File )

    Bicycle Mobile (FT-817) ( Download PDF File )

    Elecraft KX-1 Carrying Case Ideas   

    My Telegraph Keys

    Automatic Keyers & User Manuals    New   

    Station Antenna (Former)   

    Mobile Ops IC-7000 Toyota Highlander

    Mobile Ops

    Mobile FT-817/HL-50B/RT-11

Technical Side

    Radio Frequency (RF) Surge Suppressor Ratings for Transmissions into Reactive Loads,

      QEX, July/Aug 2016, Article listed with written permission from ARRL    Newest, PDF Link, with permission from ARRL

    Remote Hams, ORB Control Device, Audio Adjust Jumper  Newest, PDF Link

    MyAntennas End Fed Half Wave, Model EFHW 8010-1K Band Sweeps  Newest, PDF Link

    Using a Free Dynamic DNS Service with RCForb Server  Newest, PDF Link  

    RCForb Server AUTOSTART Tech Note  Newest, PDF Link  

    Bluetooth Headset Setup with RemoteHams  Newest, PDF Link  

    Use GPS to Set Computer Time in Field Applications Newest, PDF Link   

    Yapster Heaset Audio Switching Unit for the KX3 (ASU) Newest   

    Yapster Heaset Audio Intervace Unit for Icom 746/756 Radios (AIU) Newest   

    LNR EF-QUAD, 40/20/15/10M End Fed Dipole Updated   

    Kenwood MC-60A Mic Mods for ICOM Radio

    DVK for RIGblaster pro - N1MM Plus+ and Ham Radio Deluxe

    EMI Filter for Audio Equipment

    V/UHF Superflex Mobile Antenna

    Vertical - Optimal Buddipole Updated   

    SOLAR Powered Antenna Tuner

    SDR - Software Defined Radio

    SOLAR Ham Radio, Portable Ops!

    Genesis - The Birth of Antennas!

    Thoughts on the Mystery Antenna

    Kenwood TS-450S Rig Control with RIGBlaster Pro  ( Download PDF File )

    Kenwood TS-450S Lithium Battery Replacement (Updated Rev-A) ( Download PDF File )

ARRL Field Day, Always the 4th Full Weekend in June

    2016, Field Day at the Homestead, A True Staycation FD, Leander, TX 

    2014, Wildblumen House, Fredericksburg, TX 

    2013, Wildblumen House, Fredericksburg, TX 

    2012, Hillside Cabin, Fredericksburg, TX 

    2011, Hillside Cabin, Fredericksburg, TX 

    2010, Inspiration Hill, Luckenbach, TX

    2009, Hummingbird, Fredericksburg, TX 

    2007, Special Event Station - W5Z, Luckenbach, TX

    2006, Special Event Station - K5W, Luckenbach, TX

    2004, Special Event Station - K5W, Fredericksburg, TX

    2003, Battery & Solar - Lake Buchanan, TX


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