The Ham Shack, circa 2015-2017

Ham Shack Photographs and Descriptions


Photographs, Station


Photographs, Antennae


Wiring Diagrams, RF Cables


Remote Hams Interface

Photographs, Station

This is my station in 2015-2017. I have successfully migrated the main rig from my IC-756 PRO-III to my Elecraft line SDR.


Elecraft KX3 QRP SDR Radio, 160-6 Meters

Elecraft KXPA100, 100W Amplifier

Elecraft KPA500, 500W Ampflifier

Elecraft KAT500, 500W Antenna Tuner

SDR Software User Interface, Win4K3 Suite, Internet URL:


2nd View of Station


I still maintain an ICOM radio setup for HF digital work and for 2 Meter VHF and 2M/440MHz FM.

The radios include the ...

ICOM 756 PRO-III (160-6M), 746PRO (160-2M), and the

Yaesu FT-8800R (V/UHF) and FT-817 QRP (160-2M, 440MHz).


My current antennas includes:

Antenna Type Bands Covered (with Antenna Tuners)

160m full size dipole

80m, 60m, 20m

End Fed 80m Half Wave Dipole

80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m
40/30m full size vertical 40m, 30m
20m full size vertical 20m, 17m
6m MOXON beam 6m
2m, 4 element horizontal beam 2m
2m/440MHz vertical 2m, 3/4m


Vendor URL links:

DX Engineering DXE 4030VA-1,

MyAntenna EFHW-8010-1k,;

LNR, R600 Tuner,;

Arrow Antennas, Model  GP 146/440 Ground Plane, ;

Par Electronics, Model SM-50 MOXON, 6m beam, .


I also have the DX Engineering 8-port, RF switch remotely installed to select antennas using one feedline.


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Photographs, Antennae

Here are some photographs of the installation.



Antenna Field (Left to Right)


DXE4030VA1, 60 Radials, Vertical (40m/30m)


DXE COM-20VA. 20 Radials, LDG R600 Autotuner at Base (Optimzed for 20m through10m)


MyAntennas EFHW8010, End Fed Dipole (80m-10m, all bands)


Dipole, 160m (160m)


Bird House (No Antenna -- YET!)






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Wiring Diagram, RF Cables



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Remote Hams Interfaces



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