Dodge Durango HF Mount Details

    Yaesu FT-817 / Tokyo Hi-Power HL-50B Amplifier / LDG RT-11 Remote

    Tuner / Bumper Mount HF Antenna

    (Product Manufacturer's Web Sites Given at Page Bottom)




 Arm Rest Storage Area Closed       

Above, Arm Rest Open Showing Angle Bracket Mount

Dodge Durango 2000.  FT-817 with HF Antenna Mount



Above, Arm Rest Open Showing Angle Bracket Mount From Passenger Side.  LDG RT-11 Remote Tuner in Back Storage Area.

Note the HL-50B Tokyo Hi-Power 50W HF Amplifier on Right Side Middle. Gray Cable is for RT-11 Control.  Green Wire  and Braid are RF Out.

RT-11 Remote Control Head Velcro Mounted on FT-817 Bracket.

RT-11 Tuner Close-up.  Gray Cable Has RF Beads Installed on It.  RT-11 RF Input Coax has a Current Balun (Coax Coiled on PVC Form).

The Tuner Output has a BNC to Binding Post Adapter  that has the RF Output Green Wire Connection to the Antenna (Below) and Chassis Ground.


Mobile Mount is a Large Right Angle Bracket (About 12" on a Side)

Hole Drilled in Frame Underneath Durango Mount the Rt. Angle Bracket. 

Angle Iron Proceeds Under Bumper Where a Heavy Aluminum Plate Bolts to It.

Standard Heavy Duty Mast Mount Bolts to the Aluminum Plate.


Component List and Web Sites

Model Manufacturer Click on Pictures for Manufacturer Link
FT-817 Yaesu
HL-50B Tokyo Hi-Power Labs, Inc.
RT-11 Remote Unit LDG Electronics Inc.   
RT-11 Remote HF Tuner LDG Electronics Inc.
FT-817 Mobile Bracket Mountain-Ops Communications   
HF Antenna, Hustler Mast Mount with Resonator New-Tronics Antenna Corporation


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