LNR End Fed Dipole for 40/20/15/10M Operation


Why did I select the LNR EF-QUAD?

I was looking for an easy-up dipole for multiple bands that could be fed with a single coaxial cable AND connect to only one end. At my Spyglass Hill QTH, I have an antenna support that is 24 feet tall just outside the ham shack. I wanted to be able to make an antenna connection at the mast and have the antenna wire go off into a wooded area.

The LNR Model EF-QUAD seemed likely a likely candidate.


Caption: LNR EF-QUAD as Received from the Factory

I have used multiple LNR antennas in the past and was always impressed with their quality of materials and workmanship. You can assemble the materials yourself to make this antenna, but once you get the quality of products together, the price would be comparible.

Once the antenna was installed, I did a quick sweep of the HF spectrum using my Array Solutions's AIM 4170D RF analyzer.

Caption: Frequency Sweep of the Installed Antenna

The factory installed lengths of the antenna tuning tails (my term that seems to fit for each tail that drops from the horizontal main wire) seemed to be satisfactory and gave me good results. I went on and did a permament installation of the antenna using the final end support masts.

You can download a presentation of my antenna layout and measurements below. This is a PDF format file.


   EF_QUAD Presentation (PDF)

   EF_QUAD User Manual (PDF)

My Next Antenna?

One question usually asked is whether you would select and install an antenna a second time if you had the choice. For the LNR EF-QUAD, the answer is yes. I plan to purchase another antenna and install it at my portable station location.

Useful Links

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Array Solutions                                    http://www.arraysolutions.com/



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