The Ham Shack, circa 2010

Here is my recently renovated ham desk. It took a while to figure out how to mount many of the station accessory units. Turns out, I used two small wood shelves available at Home Depot. But to allow for radio clearance of 7 inches, I drilled new holes on each support side so the lower shelf works.


ICOM IC-756 Pro-III: HF and 6 Meters

ICOM IC-746PRO: 2 Meters and HF Backup Radio

Digital Modes: Mix-W, RIGblaster Pro,

CW: Ham Gadgets Master Keyer MK-1,



Couple of my favorite keys.

Straight Key: SKCC Club Key, NT9K Pro-Pump,

Paddle: K8RA P-4 Walnut,


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