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W5F, ARRL Field Day 2013

 North West of Fredericksburg

The Hill Country Mountain Toppers Association (HCMTA) operated from the Wildblumen House located 4 miles North East of Fredericksburg, Texas this Field Day. This was the annual ARRL Field Day event.  W5GW, K5ANM and XYL Judith, K5PA and XYL AD5HP operated Class 3A. Gary's XYL Verlenne provide tons of encourangement and prepared an excellent meal on Satruday night for the ops. Due to the large size of the house, we were able to have 3 independant ham stations setup far enought a apart to minimize interference.

The primary objectives are to hone skills to meet the challenges of emergency preparedness and to test our abilities using Amateur Radio. Each Field Day we seem to ask ourselves the recurring question, "What did we forget to bring this year?"

 Antenna Installations and Ops 

Antennas included the Buddipole Vertical, Alpha Delta multiple band wire dipole, 40/15 Meter dipole pulled up into the beautiful oak tress.

The Buddipole vertical antenna was made specifically for 20 meters.



 Logging and Connectivity

The stations logged all contacts using N1MM Logger. N1MM makes multiple ops very simple to input QSO's and check for duplicates. It also provides continual scoring. To operate and log 3 stations fluently, we decided early on to use the N1MM contest logging software. The software was setup on each computer several weeks prior to the contest so we could be assured the operability on the hardware. A wireless router was also selected to provide the connectivity. However, during initial setup, one of the ops had a portable Verizon Hot Spot router with him and we easily able to use it to connect each station's logging program. After Field Day was complete, all files were saved and later used to determine our final contact count for arriving at the claimed score.


 Claimed Scores

The final results (Claimed Score 452 summarized as follows:

The Band/Mode/QSO Breakdown is shown below:

 Station Pre-Planning

Planning for this year's event started months prior to Field Day and we all met several times to discuss the types of radios to be used, the antennas available, selection of an appropriate site for our families, etc. Once the house was secured, Google Maps were used to assess the property layout for trees and house layout. Multiple sites on the lot were found as candidate locations for the verticles and wire dipoles.

We also made plans for Plan-B situations meaning we decided which alternate radios and antennas would be brought as backup having learned these lessons many times from our past.

Field Day 2013 was a lot of fun and we look forward to next year.

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